Branson Centre

The Branson Centres of Entrepreneurship(BCOE) work to support entrepreneurs in structuring and scaling their businesses. Situated within both the Caribbean and South Africa. They provide training, mentoring and networking to help people along their entrepreneurial journeys.

It’s a new era for the Branson Centres with digital support through the websites and the mentoring platform, both of which help them reach and support even more entrepreneurs.” Anna Jones, Virgin Unite’s Entrepreneurship Director

The Challenge

The main challenge of the project was to redesign the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship website was to bring together both centres from the Caribbean and South Africa into a unified solution. BCOE would be split into one global landing page for both centres in which users would follow down their chosen region. The new features included an online donation platform, a mentor application form and new functionality allowing entrepreneurs to join their training and mentoring programmes.


Detailed Wireframes

Starting with high fidelity wireframes to communicate with stakeholders and the development team my reasonings for the placement and functionality of the content. Both regions would use the same fundamental layouts and styling but would vary in regards to their content. Therefore we utilised Wordpress’s ACF functionality to create repeater fields that would give the client maximum flexibility.


Visual Design

Utilising the recognisable Virgin brand, I initially started off the design with an element collage pulling together various elements from the wireframes and applying a visual style.

Working with element collages is such a great way to work as you can create various styles rapidly. Using illustrative elements from the their brand guidelines gave the interface that final bit of polish and the recognisable BCOE brand.