Rugby League

Elevating Fan Engagement: Designing a Dynamic Landing Page for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup Concept

Visual Optimization

Within this visual framework, the emphasis on highlighting essential information became pivotal in driving engagement and conversions, particularly in the context of ticket sales. The project aimed to strike a balance between informative content and captivating visuals, creating a dynamic structure that encouraged audience interaction.

By aligning the visual hierarchy with the distinct preferences of core and non-core fans, the intention was to enhance user experience, leading them effortlessly towards the desired call-to-action. This approach not only added aesthetic appeal but also played a crucial role in optimizing the overall impact and success of the campaign."

Visual Harmony

In developing this project, special attention was dedicated to crafting a visual hierarchy that resonated with both core and non-core rugby league fans. The objective was not only to present information effectively but also to create an engaging visual experience that catered to the diverse preferences of the audience. Through a strategic blend of design elements, the visual hierarchy was meticulously structured to guide the viewer seamlessly through key details, ensuring that vital information for both segments stood out prominently.

Balancing essential info and captivating visuals drove engagement, especially in ticket sales. Aligning with fan preferences enhanced user experience.