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I'm a remote freelance UX UI designer based in Manchester, UK. I bring my 8 years of professional design experience to digital agencies, teams and fellow freelancers on collaboration projects.

I understand the importance of working to tight deadlines, scope and technical constraints. I design highly usable, accessible, business and user centered website designs, with tastful aesthetic.

I work and design from my home studio, cafes and co-working spaces in and around Manchester. This is how I produce my very best work, and where I have found myself to be most productive.

Freelancing remotely allows me to use communication tools, such as Slack and Skype for daily/weekly catch ups with my clients.

Jamie worked as a integral part of my design team at Reason Digital for 2 years, leading design on some key projects for International charities and household name brands. Always the professional, he executes considered, effective digital design with a good grounding in technical constraints and current design trends.

Adam Hopwood

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